Center for Skills and Competencies

A team of experts in the field of management and development of human capital. More than 10 years in the market of consulting services in educational, research and analytical activities

Together we create the future we dream of!
Together we are building Tomorrow we want to be in.

SkillsCenter is a non-profit organization in the form of the Union, which purpose is to develop professional education, skills and competencies using the best world practices.
The result of our work is the development related to the competencies of people: the development of a territory, country, enterprise or industry. Always it is an active development expressed in concrete project initiatives. We teach people not to be afraid of changes, but to become part of them and design their desired future.

Tools and Techniques

Design and analytical approach

Knowledge and alue Management

Game Engineering and Facilitation

Competency Management «SkillsPro»

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